ISU approved Speed Skating Rink in Amsterdam

During the Winter Olympics 2014 the Netherlands won 23 out of the 27 speed skating medals. This record was the result of a long-term investment in the sport. The success was celebrated on a mobile 400 metre speed skating rink installed by Ice-World in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. After the Olympics, the Dutch speed skating professionals competed here in the Dutch Championships. With winning times of 0.36,36 on the 500 metre distance, the rink instantly became the third-fastest speed skating rink in the Netherlands.

Above all, the rink became a tool to promote speed skating among the wider population. More than 100.000 recreational skaters embraced this unique opportunity in the four weeks the rink was open to the general public.


  • ISU approved official size 400 m speed skating rink
  • Built in five days, dismantled in five days
  • Professional competitions and recreational use
  • Private-public partnership and funding.